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Here at Gumtree Computer Services we help design and build your new or replacement web presence. It's true that there are build options everywhere you look, from the larger IT departments, through to your grandson, your niece or even your web-surfing neighbour. But how many of those websites are constantly maintained? When did you last look at your website to check its content and accuracy? Once your new web presence has been installed we make a point of keeping in touch with our customers, on an agreed regular basis negotiated at the outset of the initial work (so as not to annoy you too often!), and then undertake as much or as little work as required at the time to ensure you're up-to-date; no more, no less. On top of this we're constantly monitoring the Interweb for new and latest trends in search engine algorithms (SEO), design techniques, backup and disaster recovery contingencies, and ways to ensure your web presence remains relevant.

  • Website Design

    Responsive design, aka "mobile device friendly" is a top priority for all modern websites to be found by search engines and to fit properly in to smaller modern mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones without having to zoom or drag (that's old technology now!); we only use responsive techniques. For convenience we will often use existing templates and themes; most won't cost much extra, if anything, but we can also take advantage of larger complete packages too, or an existing design that you may have in mind. This saves vast amounts of time (and money) in design work, where most of the clever detail has already been provided. You can wait for a custom-made design that could take weeks longer, or you can run with a balance of quicker design and shorter time-frames.

  • Website Maintenance

    A website must be maintained and kept up-to-date to be relevant. It must reflect your business or interest accurately and sell your ongoing concern to the world. A well run and up-to-date web presence will become your most powerful marketing tool. Our strength is in helping you achieve that marketing target and ensure visitors and viewers access your most recent products and services. We arrange a regular contact with all our customers to achieve this end. We will stay on top of your online marketing and advertising plan so you can get on and do what you do best.

  • Computer hardware, components

    As a reseller of quality computer hardware, software, networking and components we can help you put together whole new packages or help with upgrades to your existing hardware. If your computer appears to be running slow it could be just a software fix but depending on the age of your current equipment you may be looking at upgrading to regain some efficiency and lower the stress levels; as with many aspects of life all computer hardware has upper limits for technical capability before the need to retire it. For small businesses the cost of computer equipment to run your the business may also possibly be offset in your tax return; check with your accountant. Contact us for a solution.

  • Business and Rack Cards

    A successful marketing strategy will often begin with a "look", a logo, a colour scheme, something that potential customers can recognise and relate to. Based on your web presence we can provide business card & rack card design and printing services to enhance your business marketing plan, as an optional service.

  • Domain Name and Website Hosting Reseller

    As a reseller for Netregistry, one of Oceania's most reputable and reliable ISPs, we can offer an efficient and streamlined process to secure your domain name and establish & secure a website hosting package most suitable for your current and future web presence, all in the one package.

  • Design features

    With the dearth of existing site templates, themes, scripts, coding etc it makes lots of sense to save a fortune in cost for design time and utilise these resources if possible. Indeed to recreate a similar design from scratch will cost the project a lot more. Responsive and mobile device-friendly website templates, the latest HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap etc, CMS packages such as Wordpress & Joomla, SEO-friendly techniques, analytics (i.e. your background stats), will all be employed to develop and build your new web presence. And with the current emphasis on mobile-device-friendly code and local businesses it makes sense to update and stay on top.

  • Hardware, software support

    With every website will come the inevitable comment that "my computer is running slow". Indeed it's a scourge of modern computers that over time, with operating system updates and patches, program installs, uninstalls, deletions, data changes etc your computer will bog up and need a hand to restore it to it's former light-speed glory. Or you've just purchased a fancy new modem, or printer, but it's not talking to your computer. If you need a hand with your hardware, software and network configuration contact us for advice. With over 20 years experience helping at the desktop and network level we will be able to get you running again. See our Support page for additional help.

  • Logo Design

    You'll possibly need a colour scheme and one or more logos to make your business more identifiable. We can also help you design logos and icons for your marketing push. If your requirements outstrip our resources we are able to employ external design experts to enhance the work that we've begun.

  • Training

    With your new web presence in place you'll need a hand in operating your new and valuable advertising & marketing tool. Together we will run through your future responsibilities, and explain how Gumtree Computer Services will work with you at every step of the way (you're going to need to keep this new toy up-to-date!). Your web presence should be a feather in your marketing cap and take your business to new heights.

    In the post-build phase we also provide analytics with every package so you can track your progress, along with a list of coding improvements recommended by search engines and authorities to bubble your business up to the top of the rankings. Using so-called SEO companies to monitor your rankings can be a big waste of money (read any article about SEO company recommendations) - if your current SEO techniques and processes are working then there's no need, but there's always room for improvement.

  • Approximate project costs

    ... or, "What will it cost to build a website?"

    Costs will of course vary depending on the required end product, it's complexity & customisation, any required external costs, approximate time requirements (generally the biggest cost in any web project), but you should be able to budget your ball-park estimates thus:

    • BASIC HTML WEBSITE, 1 to 2 pages, supplied artwork, simple template, domain name lease & hosting package, email, basic SEO

      - approx AU$600-$900

    • ADVANCED HTML WEBSITE, 2 to 8 pages, supplied artwork, simple template, domain name lease & hosting package, email, basic SEO

      - approx AU$900-$1300

    • CCOMPLEX HTML WEBSITE, more than 8 pages, customised or supplied artwork, complex/leased template, domain name lease & hosting package, email, basic SEO

      - $ by negotiation

    • CMS (Content Management System) website using Wordpress/Joomla etc, multiple pages, blog, plug-ins, custom or leased theme/template, customised or supplied artwork, domain name lease & hosting package, email, basic SEO

      - approx AU$1200-$1800

    • eCOMMERCE WEBSITE (WooCommerce etc), multiple pages, customised artwork, custom or leased theme/template, payment links, domain name lease & hosting package, email, basic SEO

      - approx AU$1500+

    • MARKETING ITEMS - Business card, rack card, fridge magnet and other marketing items - design & delivery

      - $ by negotiation depending on requirements and complexity

    Other extras and add-ons will be costed separately. These include (but not limited to) advanced SEO, backup/disaster recovery contingency plans, logo & colour scheme design, domain name transfers, product photography, licenced photography/fonts leasing, search engine URL submissions, business & industry registry applications, ongoing maintenance work etc.

    Your website, without exception, requires constant scrutiny and updating to ensure it remains one of your most powerful marketing tools. A maintenance agreement for ongoing and routine work on your website - something we specialise in - will be negotiated on the initial contract but is generally charged out at the agreed hourly maintenance rate. Ongoing maintenance work can include new product lines & photography, corrections and deletions to existing information, security updates and patches etc. A web presence, by its very nature, is variable in terms of content, construction and process. To get a closer idea of your new or improved intended web presence contact us for a free consultation.

  • There's always the fine print!

    As part of the arrangement between yourself and Gumtree Computer Services we will supply a detailed proposal outlining responsibilities for both parties in the consultation process and detail what is expected from all parties to the agreement. We provide information about what to expect as a final product, as discussed and agreed between both parties, the required content, as well as anticipated time frames for each stage of the project. The initial consultation is of course entirely free, so both sides can be certain of their responsibilities and expectations prior to work.