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Based in Orange, New South Wales Australia, Gumtree Computer Services exists to service and help home, small and medium businesses, and interest groups, to establish either a brand new or an upgraded web presence across Australia and New Zealand. A modern, efficient, and workable website is one of the most important sales and marketing tools a business can utilise these days – most people now search online for help before they'll look at any alternatives. If you're not listed on the Internet your business is missing out. If your existing website is not being found by potential customers you're also missing out.

A web presence is one of the cheapest forms of advertising and marketing, and the minimal cost to have a presence online is not reflected in the proportionately larger returns and benefits your business will achieve by being online 24/7.

Keep in mind that an out-of-date or incorrect website is as effective as not having a website at all, so it's just as important to maintain the web presence for longer than merely the initial build time. We're not just designers like many local website design businesses tend to be - Gumtree Computer Services specialises in maintaining a regular contact with you to ensure that your web presence is reflecting your business right now.

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Get seen by the right audience

We're constantly looking at improving the ways your web presence can be found by search engines using the latest SEO practices, as well as maintaining tags and creating quality content so that anyone looking for your business will indeed find you. The old style emphasis on keyword lists is almost a distant memory, with recent algorithm updates to Google, Bing etc. Now, more than ever, being found by search engines, and being listed as both a local business and a global presence, is tricky due to these constantly changing search engine algorithms which refine the methods they use to list you (or not). The easy part is to obtain a web presence – your job is then to use it to sell your business to your customers!

... Oh and we're not big fans of all those nerdy clichés and acronyms etc so we'll make every effort to explain what we're doing for you in normal everyday terms!

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There are many benefits gained by marketing your business with an online presence. Utilising the Internet to advertise your business more effectively will open up new demographics and income avenues (click on infographic to visit full size):

Why You Cant Miss the Rapidly Growing Digital Advertising Market

What you pay to advertise your business is of prime importance nowadays, with costs escalating across the board. A web presence is going to be one of the cheapest marketing options for your business heading in to the future, both to set-up as well as to maintain in an active, relevant and current state (click on infographic to visit full size):

Why You Cant Miss the Rapidly Growing Digital Advertising Market

5 Reasons why you need a website for your business or interest group

No matter what stage your business or interest group is going through an up-to-date web presence will be beneficial and should be considered as your main marketing feature.

Gumtree Computer Services has spoken to potential customers who offer reasons either why they should be running a website or why they shouldn't (or aren't interested). With 80-90% of all potential customers now researching their purchases via an Internet search engine, even ahead of asking friends or checking printed materials, it makes commercial sense to provide them with a positive reason to come find you.

There are 5 good reasons why your business or interest group should market itself with a solid, well-planned and appealing web presence:

1 - A business start-up - when you're taking that leap of faith into the world of commerce with your own start-up small business you'll want the world to know who you are, where you can be found and what your business offers potential customers. A quality website and social media presence becomes a top priority – not only can you then reach the largest possible demographic but your online presence is amongst the cheapest form of advertising (to reach 1000 potential customers). *

2 – A business closure, or sale – it's unfortunate but sometimes a business needs to be sold or, worse, closed for good. And if you're selling to a new owner you'll want to demonstrate as much value-added benefit as possible, improving your sale price. One of the cheapest forms of value-adding that you can do is to show an online presence. It demonstrates efficient use of advertising in your overall marketing plan. Your website can also provide your business sale team with an online brochure, which can be used by agents and customers alike. You can outline the entire business, its structure, photos and features. And given the right SEO techniques your website could rank as a business for sale.

3 – New product or brand lines – You've just taken on a new distributorship, or you've designed a spanking new product or patented a brand name, You now need to advertise your pride and joy. An online presence will give your business the most beneficial means to reach your intended target audience. Using the right SEO techniques you'll be able to get your message to the largest demographic in the quickest time. Correct SEO will rank your keywords (aka brand name, product or distributorship) to reach that audience. Other forms of advertising will now complement your online marketing push and provide a location to send customers for more details.

4 – An old, tired or out-of-date website – years ago you had an employee or family member design and publish your basic business website, but no-one's looked at it for a long time, and when you changed that phone number you lost customers. An incorrect or out-of-date website will not help the cause and will probably do more harm than good. For a relatively small advertising budget outlay you could be turning that ancient website into a modern, efficient and colourful marketing tool again. Gumtree Computer Services specialises in ongoing maintenance of websites. One really important benefit to either replacing your website or updating it on a more regular basis is that the search engines will take notice of the changes and begin to rank the site higher in search engine ranking pages (SERPs). Suddenly your old, tired website has become a powerful marketing tool which now accurately represents your going concern.

5 – A change in business plan or direction – One of the most efficient methods to get your word out to the largest demographic of potential customers nowadays is to build your changes in to your web presence, thereby advising customers of your news using one of your cheapest marketing tools. An online web presence has one main benefit over printed advertising – it's instantaneous, and you won't have to reprint all your cards, brochures and banks of advertising materials. An online presence also provides capabilities for major media launches which can be linked across other media outlets, and can answer customer questions before they even contact you to purchase.

Your online web presence, using both an efficient and well-planned website and social media presence, will give your business or interest group its most powerful marketing tool, leaving you money in the pocket for other expenses. Whatever your message is you will reach the largest potential customer base and give you an efficient and quick method for advertising. Gumtree Computer Services specialises in taking your current online presence and turning it in to a modern, quality marketing tool that will give your small or medium business or interest group a voice for the modern masses.

And with a free initial consultation you've saved even more marketing budget!

The Gumtree team

Scott Banks, Gumtree Computer Services

Scott Banks

Opened Gumtree Computer Services in 1999; manages the business itself, markets, codes and drinks lots of coffee. Has spent the past 10-12 years working for Charles Sturt University at the Orange NSW campus covering most facets of IT & systems support, from Windows hardware & software, Help Desk activities, A/V & learning support and desktop PC reimaging, to Microsoft server, workstation & LAN support. Prior to a move to Orange in 2005 there was plenty of action via the ANZ Bank at branch support level, ATM reprogramming, re-networking of NSW branches & staff training. Gumtree Computer Services has been ticking over in the background, building knowledge, experience and product capability, and now finds itself the main focus of operations in advancing the online objectives and presence of local & regional small & medium business customers across Australia and New Zealand.

Jack the Jack Russell


In charge of time management, the beanbag, squishy toys and play times; also in charge of sanity breaks from the screens.

A big thanks also goes out to Kelly McEwan for company designs & artwork, and inspiration!